The primary objective of the Ghana Coalition of Civil Society Organisations for Scaling up Nutrition is to assist the Government of Ghana  to implement the National Nutrition Policy(NNP) of which GHACCSSUN members have been involved in crafting. The successful implementation of the NNP requires cross-sectoral action which involves the health sector as well as other relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies including Coalition of CSOs such as GHACCSSUN

In this regard, GHACCSSUN seeks to assist the Government of Ghana in the following areas:

  1. To reposition nutrition as a priority development issue in Ghana.
  2. To ensure optimal nutrition among all people living in Ghana.
  3. To increase capacity to deliver effective interventions for addressing priority nutrition problems in Ghana.
  4. To ensure food and nutrition security for all people living in Ghana.
  5. To ensure effective co-ordination, integration, and implementation of nutrition interventions in Ghana.
  6. To strengthen research, monitoring and evaluation in nutrition programs in Ghana.
  7. To launch a well-coordinated advocacy and communication campaign in line with its objectives, vision and mission.
  8. Challenge government to enact scaling up nutrition policies.
  9. Identify weaknesses in government attention to nutrition issues.



The leadership structure of GHACCSSUN consist of:

An Executive Council comprising a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Executive Secretary and  four  other members. The Executive Council shall be assisted in performing its duties by three standing committees selected from the membership of the platform. These are:

  • Technical Committee
  • Advocacy and Communication Committee
  • Resource Mobilization Committee



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