• EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: the Executive Council is the supreme decision making body of GHACCSSUN. It has the powers to make strategic decisions to guide the management of GHACCSSUN.
  • TECHNICAL COMMITTEE: The Technical Committee is in charge of all GHACSSUN research development, data collection and dissemination of all research findings on nutrition in Ghana.
  • ADVOCACY AND COMMUNICATION COMMITTEE:  This committee is responsible for all promotional campaigns, education, and training and general public relation engagement of GHACCSSUN.
  • RESOURCE MOBILIZATION COMMITTEE: The Resource Mobilization Committee is responsible for coordinating all human, financial and material resources needed for effective delivery of the activities of GHACCSSUN


The Chairman of the Executive Committee performs the under listed functions:

  • He or she shall preside over all GHACCSSUN Executive committee meetings; in his absence, the Vice Chairman shall preside.
  • He or she shall represent the association in meetings and conferences.

Function of the Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary performs the following functions:

Keep record of all meetings of GHACCSSUN and of all matters which shall be ordered by the association.

  • He is the signatory to GHACSSUN’s account(s).
  • He is in charge of all correspondence of GHACCSSUN, notify members of meetings, notify new members of their acceptance to join GHACCSSUN and notify new officers of their appointment into offices.
  • He keeps records and database of all members of GHACCSSUN.
  • He coordinates all activities of GHACCSSUN and update members through reports and briefs
  • He performs such other duties as may be prescribed by these guidelines.

All chairpersons of the three sub-committees report directly to the Executive Secretary.


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